Fresh look for your bathroom tiles designs

Once you think of a bathroom remodel, the first thing on the mind is tiles. To the adventures people, tile coordination is a form of art that best expresses individual personality. Certain styles and colour in the bathroom bring out a fresh, unique and beautiful look that is ultramodern.

Tiles come in different shapes, colour, material and quality and often the process of choosing can be overwhelming to an individual. Creating a look that is both stylish and functional should be the main goal. So, If your bathroom still has white and square tiles all round, it is time for a change! Let us look at some new contemporary tile ideas for your bathroom.

Use Shapes

Shapes in the bathroom do not have to be dull; they can serve as a foundation for other patterns. Hexagon tiles give out a simple and vintage look that is unique. Detailed attention on the placement of the tiles is also key as it can give a strikingly beautiful look. Small mosaic tiles form beautiful designs ranging from flowers to animals. Use contrasting shapes increases visual interest while narrow tiles can act as a border to new shapes


Neutral colored tiles do not have to be boring. They are an ideal decorating background that adds layers and pops of colour. Irregular alignment and different shapes create a gorgeous pattern that is ultra-modern. Decorating the bathroom area with accessories of other colours also goes well with neutral tiles. For a neutral flooring, consider using shades of beige, white, grey and brown colours.

Artistic tiles

Use of specific tiles as an accent alongside other tiles of different colour and quality is a unique way of ensuring your bathroom walls and floors are more noticeable. Mosaic tiles with different designs give a uniqueness that is gorgeous.

Use bold colours

Colour theme using your favourite shade of colour allows for an artistic look. Colours such as teal give an ocean-themed look while the charcoal tone is not only chiq but also modern. To really be creative, use a different colour traditional square to bring out the vibrancy of the shower room. A checkerboard of different colours is also stylish and gives a cultured finish.

Go Metallic

The subtle metallic finishes give cool gorgeous look. The combination of mirror glass and metallic look gives the wall a three-dimensional effect. The look is achieved through the use of silver, gold or any other colours for the bold people. Use of various metallic shades partnered in a geometric texture casts lights and shadows giving a sophisticated style.

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